[ID #986] Ms. Jinaree
Expenrienced Lvl 3
5 Star Hotel
Good English
Anti-Cellulite Massage
Aroma Massage
Ayurvedic Massage
Body & Foot Scrub
Body Scrub
Deep Tissue Massage
Facial Massage
Foot Massage
Foot Reflexology
Foot Spa
Head back & Shoulder Massage
Herbal compress
Hot Stone Massage
INFANT and CHILD Massage
Massage with Herbal Bags
Medical Therapy Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Pregnant Massage
Reflexology Foot Massage
Slimming Massage
Sport Massage
Swedish Massage
Thai Foot Spa and Massage
Traditional Thai Massage
Current Salary: 30000THB
Minimum Salary to go work abroad: 37000THB
Expected Salary: 40000THB
About Jinaree
Gender Female
Age 0 Years
Location Bangkok
Education College Diploma
Would like to work in Russia

Spa Company Bangkok would like to put Jinaree as a serious shortlisted candidate.

Jinaree is really professional and has a really good attitude towards work. She knows how to work with demanding customers because she’s been working in a very high-end luxury spa brand. Dhara Devi, Rosewood and Peninsula are established and long term 5-star hotel where room night is 300-800 USD+ and Massage is 100 – 400 USD+ per treatment.

Even though she doesn’t have a medical degree in Physiotherapy, but she’s been working in luxury wellness spa and has been trained to treat for all discomforts. She specialized in advanced Thai Medical massage which is just one notch lower than Physio degree. Please note that people with medical degrees (and Engish language) require 2000 US$ + (at least in Thailand)

She’s willing to work hard in a challenging environment. She wants to work as a personal therapist because she would like to have the possibility to work and travel with the clients if there’re any chances.

Recruiter’s opinion: She’s top 3 percentile and well-prepared candidate. She studied job description and understand the client’s needs. She’s also added she can work under pressures and aware that working as a personal therapist may affect her personal life, however, she’s affirmed that she could manage that. She’s a good asset for the client. The fact that she knows how to operate in a 5-star environment and how to respond to top-tier people (UN ambassadors and alike) would make her an ideal candidate

Skill-set: 90% of the therapist in Thailand have 1 diploma of massage. She has 7+ diplomas + a lot of 5-star hotel training and courses. She has done advanced medical Thai massage which is ideal for long term treatment as it utilizes stretching, yoga practices.

Spa Company Rating
of 20
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Pro Activity
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Massage Skills
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