Recruitment of Thai Therapist

Convenience. Convenience. Sit back and enjoy while we do almost all the work for you. We actively seek the best people from industry. You just have to choose your therapist.

You can look at our candidates. We have an up-to-date a href=” “>database where we will match your criteria for job and therapists expected criteria.

Those therapists that have many certificates and thus they are constantly learning to provide best service to clients. Those therapists that have already been on oversea assignment and will not have cultural shock when treating foreign customers. Those therapists that are presentable and speak a foreign language.

We will present you almost instantly a few therapists to choose from, and you will be able to speak with them before finally making a decision. We will explain the work and contract terms in Thai language which will avoid any mis-communication problems later. Our company created a guidebook of most common mistakes Thai therapists make, therefore the therapists come in well prepared for the job.

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Interview in Bangkok

Spa Company ® Interview is a signature product for professionals who are coming to Thailand to seek several therapists, but do not want to go through hassle of advertising jobs, calling candidates, confirming appointments and going through this hassle.

Let us do all the hard work – calls, follow up calls and confirmations. You can just come in for the interviews, question and test-massage as many candidates as you like and do only the selection. We will even provide you with the Thai speaking translator to explain things candidates might not understand.

You can use our designed venue for the purpose, or it can be done in the meeting rooms of your preferred hotel. As we mentioned earlier, we would like to offer convenience. Please allow at least a week to organize and prepare all things necessary.
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We take pride at what we do. Our long term experience in the field of spa and massage businesses qualifies us to give the perfect knowledge to you. With respect to our experience, our company helped to open massage and spa centres. During about 8 years of professional experience in the field, the management of the company has ventured and created centres mainly in Europe with about 14 to 20 staff members ranging from 250sqm to about 850sqm completely building the premises from scratch, prepared marketing and strategy plan and brought in the staff and all the necessary requisites to run a successful business. The story does not end there. By being present and co-managing most of them, we gained inside experience from more sources about what particular tools work for the business and what things should be avoided. Our clients regularly tells us what is working for them in terms of marketing and promotion and how they usually source clients. That is the reason why we not only select the perfect therapist for you, but also can give you great solutions for business upgrade.