[ID #967] Ms. Khwan
Expenrienced Lvl 3
Aroma Massage
Body & Foot Scrub
Body Massage
Body Scrub
Deep Tissue Massage
Facial Mask
Facial Massage
Facial Treatment
Foot Massage
Foot Spa
Head back & Shoulder Massage
Massage with Herbal Bags
Oil Massage
Sport Massage
Swedish Massage
Traditional Thai Massage
Current Salary: 20000THB
Minimum Salary to go work abroad: 30000THB
Expected Salary: 30000-35000THB
About Khwan
Gender Female
Age 42 Years
Location Surin
Education Lower Secondary
Would like to work in Europe

Khwan a therapist from Surin. Her early life was difficult, born in a farmer family and had to work hard since she was very young. She graduated 9th grade. After finished school, she moved to Bangkok, expected the better life. She worked in a factory. She is a single-mom. Living life as a single-mom with 1 boy was really difficult. She had to earn more money to support herself and her kid. She got introduced by her friend to become a massage therapist. She started her career as a massage therapist since then.

Khwan is a skillful therapist, friendly and yet humble. She’s enthusiastic, eager to lern new things and adjustable. She’s also has good attitude toward work.

She has been working as a massage therapist for more 10 years, She has experience in great spas in Bangkok. Khwan, likes to work as a massage therapist. She like to gave massage and make people feel better after her treatment.

Khwan wants to work aboard so that she could save more money. Her dream is to build a small house where she can live with her mother in her hometown.

Spa Company Rating
of 20
of 20
Pro Activity
of 20
of 20
Massage Skills
of 20
Khwan's Experience
Yim Siam Massage Bangkok
4 Years | 09/01/2008 - 03/02/2012 Bangkok Thailand

A day spa located in Huay Kwang, Bangkok. The spa provides all kinds of Traditional Thai Massage and foot reflexology. Most of customers are local.

Apasra Beauty Slimming Spa, Central World Bangkok
2 Years | 01/03/2012 - 01/11/2014 Bangkok Thailand

Apasra’s Beauty Slimming Spa is located in Central World the famous shopping mall in the heart of Bangkok. The spa focuses on weight loss and body shaping. One of the signature treatments here is the “Alice Major” which uses infrared light and microcurrents to break down fat cells in the body. There are also a wide variety of other treatments used that have been brought in from all over the world and also provided varies kinds of massages.

Slimming Plus Central World, Bangkok
1 Year | 03/11/2015 - 26/12/2016 Bangkok Thailand

Slimming Plus is located in Central World the famous shopping mall in the heart of Bangkok. The spa focuses on weight loss and body shaping also spa treatment packages are provide.

You can check their website :

Be live Health and Wellness Spa Nakhon Pathom, Thailand
1 Year | 06/01/2017 - 31/01/2018 Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

Be live Health and Wellness Spa is a famous full-service luxury spa and beauty center, located in Nakhon Pathom. The spa provides all about massage and everything about face and body and har salon. Customers have different choices of spa and massage packages. Most of the customers are members, booked customers and walk-ins.

Myth Massage Bangkok
1 Year | 02/02/2018 - 02/02/2019 Bangkok Thailand

MYTH focuses on healing and relaxation therapy that has been practiced for centuries.  Traditional Thai massage is based on stimulating  the natural flow of energy in the body, releasing blocked energy lines, releasing acupressure points, and stretching tense muscles through yoga-like postures to restore balance and relaxation to the body. After a Thai massage, the body feels lighter, relaxed, and more energised. Our selection of massage therapy treatments is available in 25-50-80-110 minutes form. Guests can choose and combine various treatments with one or multiple therapists. Our prices are inclusive of VAT. Please note that there is no service charge, tip is encouraged and should be paid directly to the therapist.

Website :
Plant day Spa Bangkok, Thailand
1 Year Bangkok Thailand

Whether you’re just visiting town, enjoying a staycation, or you’re a Bangkokian through and through, our natural spa is the perfect choice if you’re looking to relax all your senses while we pamper you with our 100% natural spa and organic spa products.

Everything you touch, smell, sense, hear and experience is as real and natural as it gets, a grand departure from the hustle and bustle of busy Bangkok, and well, the chaos of modern-day life! With all the noise, pollution, chaos and chemicals that have become the norm in urban living, our spa’s offerings are exactly what’s needed; so be sure to get your fresh dose of Plant Day Spa.

Website :

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