594 - Noi

594 - Noi

594 - Noi

594 - Noi

594 - Noi

594 - Noi

[ID #594] Ms. Noi
Expenrienced Lvl 3
Good English
Aroma Massage
Bamboo Massage
Body & Foot Scrub
Body Mask
Body Massage
Body Scrub
Body Wrap
Deep Tissue Massage
Facial Mask
Facial Massage
Foot Massage
Foot Reflexology
Head back & Shoulder Massage
Herbal compress
Hot Stone Massage
Massage with Herbal Bags
Medical Therapy Massage
Oil Herbal Compress Massage
Oil Massage
Pregnant Massage
Reflexology Foot Massage
Reflexology Massage
Slimming Massage
Sport Massage
Stone Therapy
Swedish Massage
Thai Foot Spa and Massage
Thai Herbal Compress Massage
Tibetan Singing Bowls and Bamboo
Traditional Thai Massage
Current Salary: 15,000THB
Minimum Salary to go work abroad: 30,000THB
Expected Salary: 30,000-35,000THB
About Noi
Gender Female
Age 44 Years
Location Kon Kean
Education Primary School
Would like to work in Europe

Noi is a skillful therapist from Khon Kean, with 7 years experiences in professional Traditional Thai Massage therapist. Just like the other therapists, Noi was born in a poor family. Her early life is really difficult, but Noi is a diligent child, she worked hard and helping to support the family. Noi wanted to get a better life, instead of staying home and being a farmer as everyone in the family, she made decision to find a job and work in Bangkok. Noi got a job as a cleaner lady in a hotel, there she knew a lot of spa therapists who worked in a hotel spa. She found out that working as a therapists could give her more opportunity to gain more money and working aboard. After get offered by a friend to learn Traditional Thai Massage, Noi found that she had passion in what she’s doing.

Noi is friendly and can get along really well with people, as well as service minded that brought her a lot of repetitive customers. She’s also love to exercise and take care of herself. Willing to work hard and eager to learn new things are also her ” Good Quality ” for professional therapist.

Noi likes to learn new skills, she’s really interested in therapeutic massage and she took opportunity to learn and gain more knowledge by taking do many course about chiropractic massage and therapeutic massage. She’s always happy when her clients feeling better after get treatment from her.

Noi wants to work aboard because she wanted to gain more experiences and save more money. Recently, she works hard to support her family, especially her mom and daughter. Her dream is to open a small training center for people who’s interested to work as a massage therapist.

Her massage skills are really excellent. She knows how to adjust all the knowledges such as traditional Thai Massage, therapeutic and chiropractic massages that she’s been trained and combine them together for treating clients.


Spa Company Rating
of 20
of 20
Pro Activity
of 20
of 20
Massage Skills
of 20
Noi's Experience
Klong Prao Resort and Spa
4 Years Trad

The Spa is located in a luxury hotel at Trad province, one of the most tourist attraction in the East side of Thailand. The spa offer a wide variety of services with a relaxed atmosphere and a clean, friendly environment. dedicated to using only the best products for our clients and providing them with superior experience. can guarantee you to meet a magical touch and reward your mind and body to the paradise of real total relaxation. the hidden spa, cool calm and serenity, in the middle of twin fresh lake, where else can be the paradise on the island with the environment of tropical garden, keep you close to the nature which all mankind yearning for. from inner through outer.


Spa Aurori Koh Tao
2 Years Koh Tao, Chumphon

The most famous spa in Koh Tao, Chumphon, the most famous tourist attraction in Thailand. The spa got top review from trip advisory. With quality massage and therapists, the spa is always busy and fully booked. Most of clients are tourists from Europe who like to find a real taste of traditional the massage. Also for sportsmen, who like to have a massage for treatment.

Majestic spa
2 Years Kho Tao, Chumphon

Located in the hidden and peaceful location in Koh Tao. The spa offers quality massages and great services. With organic products and various treatments program which design for individual and special needs. The spa is internationally famous and always get good feed back.

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