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  • What will happen after I fill out this form?

    Our team will receive the details of your job that would serve for headhunting and advertising. If you have NOT spoken to us before, we will contact you with questions and pricing. If you have been instructed by our staff to fill out this form please do so. At any point every customer would have to fill the details of the job. 

  • Legal Trading name of the company registered in Business Registry
  • Define your company! Be creative: "Oldest Massage Salon in downtown Dubai with 5**** services" or "Hotel Spa in 5 star hotel in Frankfurt". This will be visible to therapist and you want to paint a great picture
  • If you need to notify owner, boss, manager or other person of the job submission
  • How can we reach you?
  • Include details such as "floor", "green building etc"