Most frequently asked question

How much does your service cost?

As every client’s needs are different, there are different fees for a different client. This is due to the different placement costs for each location. Some visa procedures take a short time and some involve complex documentation and approvals. The general rule of thumb is that the more involvement we have in the process, the higher the fee and vice versa. Click this link to send us some basic information about your business and we will be happy to send you a quotation. 

How fast can you find employees?

Usually, we attempt to send profiles for consideration within 1 week. If there are very specific roles or specific requirements it can take longer. Our average turnaround is 7-8 business days from successful deposit payment and approved job design.

How many employees I can choose from?

Hiring an agency typically includes, that we will shortlist, screen and interview candidates for you to save you time. We usually send very few shortlisted, curated and prepared candidates for your business. Please do not expect an unprofessional approach where we will send you 50 CVs to choose from. We attempt that you will see potential candidates once and they can be approved on the spot. 

When can the staff arrive at my location?

We are not the embassy or visa processing centre. We have no control over how fast the employees can be approved. We work closely with all parties to ensure the target date is met for employees and clients alike. We usually estimate a target arrival date but it is a complex issue and dates can vary. 

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

There are considerable financial and time commitments when finding people. There is searching, finding, interviewing, shortlisting, creating profiles and other actions taken by us. The deposit ensures that the client and our agency put pen to paper and both parties are committed for the same goal. 

Why do I have to pay all the fees before the flight, how can I ensure that the employee really arrives?

Our company charges the remainder of the fees before the flight. That means that funds must clear before the employees leave Thailand. We will issue an invoice only when we provide visa sticker/residency scan to prove that the cooperation has been successful. 

If you are unsure If your employee will arrive, we can use escrow (letter of credit) service that will release the payment when the employee arrives at your destination. This service costs around 100$ and it will be paid by client only. Please note that this approach (100% of fees paid before arrival) is very standard in Asia. 

How can you ensure the employee will be good?

We have several years of experience and we are in contact with hundreds of employees monthly. We can spot talent, we can verify the experience and we can do a hand-test or industry-test personally. In our employee profile, you will see a rating of the employee, which give our honest value of how we see the person. But the interview process is not ideal as we see aemployee a few times only. It is the same as you would interview the person yourself. We can guarantee their skills, but cannot guarantee personality. There are few archetypes of people and we want to select the right one for you. 

However, we are not magicians and we cannot foresee that employees will not have standard employee-employer relation hurdles along the way. 

What guarantees do you offer?

We offer 

  1. replacement guarantee within Thailand. Occasionally, there is some major event in the employee’s life where they cancel within the process. We will find a replacement free of charge and refund you the cost of your documents (or offer credit to the future invoice). These things happen on around 2% of the total number. Issues we had in the past, were serious sickness in the family, unwanted pregnancy etc. 
  2. passing 3-month probation is included in all of the deals. We do not ask the question of why the employee has not passed probation. We replace employees free-of-charge, but not free-of-expenses. If you have found an employee yourself, and the employee does not pass the probation (not everyone have a crystal ball for the future), you would still have to find a new employee. Therefore, we will find a replacement employee free-of-agency-fee, but you will be responsible for the relocation costs (documents, flights, etc)

How much salary should I offer?

Generally speaking, Thai employees have the highest salary requirements from most of SE Asia. The salary package will be discussed separately, as it is a complex issue, but our agency requires a minimum of 800 US$ package which will attract lower-tier candidates

Are you expecting a unicorn?

The general nature of Spa and Massage in Thailand is that the majority of workers are over 35 years. Thai females can do other jobs or stay with the family until they are 35 and for the most part, this industry attracts people with financial commitments to the family (supporting parents, paying off debts, supporting child’s tuition etc). Most clients think hiring an agency will provide them with a unicorn – young and attractive female with great English and great experience and amazing personality. Top tier candidates will want a minimum 1200 US$ package and more.