Visa Services

Visa service is a comprehensive extra feature where Spa Company Bangkok will provide complete paperwork for Your company, collect complete paperwork from therapist and apply for Visa, Permanent residency.

Check our Visa Pricing Structure for doing visa for Thai Therapists

Visa service is “All-inclusive” service, where we will complete the whole process from A to Z for one fee only (no extra fee, no hidden charges)

As we have experience with most common countries and are aware of most common mistakes either employees or employers make, we could streamline and execute the process in very timely and efficient manner.

We would save your time


Our management, consulting, preparation fee is included in the price (If you chose the “All Inclusive Service).

However, any direct expenses at the Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other documentation would be charged after providing a valid receipt.

Budgeting Will be part of milestones. It changes from country to country and it changes constantly. As per standards, we are not responsible for any changes of


Legal Terms Quick Guide – as nobody likes to read 137 pages of terms & conditions, we highlighted the few most important ones

Explanation of Terms: Spa Company Bangkok – provider, Thai Therapist approved for job – employee

  1. Privacy & Data Collection – Provider strictly adheres to international and Thailand standards, when it comes to privacy & data collection. We use private information strictly for personal use and never disclose information to third parties
  2. Sharing of personal data to approved candidates – every successful employee for client will receive all the personal details of your company, including the business registration & passport page, as this is requirement of Thai authorities to fight human trafficking
  3. Service disclaimer – provider is an agent, that is not responsible for any contract fulfilment between therapist (employee) and employer.
  4. Guarantee of Service – provider offers full guarantee in recruiting. If therapist (employee) cancels the approval process within or after 10 days of approval, the client is entitled for a selection of new therapist. In case of Purchasing Product “Therapist Light” or “Therapist All-Inclusive”, the provider will guarantee the employee or employee replacement until the flight overseas. In an unlikely event of employee cancellation after approval, the provider will replace the employee with another successful employee but is not entitled to cover losses in document processing, profit losses or any other expenses incurred in processing the therapist.
  1. Refunds – Full refunds are available strictly and only before any employee approval is done. Client should write the refund request to “”. If there was no approval of employee made, the provider will refund unused funds within 15days to client’s bank account. Bank fees are payable by the client.
  2. Approval – on our website, when Client approves the Employee, the Employee have 24 hours to approve the Job. After 24 hours mark, the approval is deemed unsuccessful. The Approval on both sides (Client and Employee) is deemed as end selling point and is considered as fulfilling the contract. If Client purchased Therapist Light or Therapist All-inclusive they will carry on with additional services (such as explaining the contract, visa documents etc)
  3. Limitations of data accuracy – Provider has several verification and check mechanisms to ensure the data of Employees are as accurate as possible, however we do not bear any responsibility for personal data correctness. Provider is not liable for misinterpretation of data or for wilful distortion of the data by either Client or Employe

Below is the online Contract

CLIENT Co., Ltd. represented, by director, as the client (hereinafter: the “Client”) as entered details into website and SPA COMPANY BANGKOK Co Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand, represented by , director, as the service provider) (hereinafter: the “Service provider”) hereinafter jointly referred to as the “Parties” or separately the “Party”



  1. The Parties hereto acknowledge as follows:

a. Client is in business for providing Spa and Massage services to clients and is willing to outsource the hiring, visa and residency process to Service Provider online at website. Client will pay for Services of Service provider

b. Service provider is in business to provide Spa personnel and working visa and residency services, and is willing to provide Spa personnel to Client

  1. In accordance with determinations described in foregoing Article, the Parties hereby regulate their mutual rights and obligations in regard to the providing of following specific services, whereby the Service provider shall:

a. undergo a Selection of future employees of the Client, meaning to seek out and select candidates for this employment, who are to provide authentic, traditional Thai massage for medical and therapeutic purposes as well as for the purposes of relaxation and health improvement;

b. Ina case of Client Purchase (Therapist All-incluysive package) Provider will do all required and necessary administrative documents, formalities and actions for selected employees, especially related to the acquisition of:

– work permits for employees of the client domicile,
– residence permits for employees of the client domicile,
– entry and residence visas for employees of the Client domicile.

  1. Within the scope of the services as defined in Paragraph 1 of this Article, Service provider shall determine and check the education, skills, health and capability of the future employees of the Client and undertake all other necessary actions in order to determine that they are suitable for the job, that they meet legal requirements and the requirements of the Client and that they are willing to work for the Client. Service provider shall also explain to the potential clients the job, the necessary requirements and all other implications arising from their potential employment by the Client. These information will be clearly visible on the website.
  1. In order to enable the Client to choose future employees, the Service provider shall deliver to the Client a report on each of the potential employees, together with the relevant documents and of the potential risks involved in any employees ability to work, enter into work contract and any other hazards involved.
  1. Client shall organise transportation of the future employees of the Client to the Domicile of Client and provide all documents related to visa processing.
  1. Client can choose the following:

a. which services and when will be requested or ordered from the Service provider,

b. which of the potential employees provided by the Service provider will be accepted or rejected

c. what type of contract will be offered by the Client to the Employee.


  1. As requested by the Client, the Service Provider undertakes to fulfill all demands related to the performance of services defined in Article 2 of this Agreement as well as to protect the interests of the Client related to the fulfillment of the obligations arising from this Agreement.
  1. The Client undertakes to send to the Service provider the request for performance of services defined  in Article 2 of this Agreement, including a list of all necessary documents outside of Thailand.
  1. Acceptance Letter is part of the contract as appendix no 1. The Acceptance Letter states which employees will be offered working contract. Acceptance Letter signed by both parties is subject to invoicing of the services as stated in Article 5 paragraph 1. The Service provider will replace the Accepted therapist at their own cost, should they cancel before arriving to their destination country of workplace


  1. Client undertakes to pay all due monetary obligations incurred as a result of services ordered form the Service provider in accordance with Order


  1. This Agreement shall become effective on the date of execution of this Agreement by both Parties and shall remain in full force indefinitely, until termination in accordance with Article 8 of this Agreement. The purpose of agreement is finished as soon as the Employees are Approved.


  1. The Client can opt out of contract and demand full refund when:

a. there has been “Zero” approval of therapist, in which the Provider will pay full Refund within 15 days

b. there has been some Approval of therapist, but not the full number of filled position, in which case the Client will receive partial unused refund within 15 days

c. the contract has been fulfilled, but the client has to provide reasonable explanation of cancellation and the employee have to confirm the version of the client to avoid bypassing Provider of their service

d. In most honest cases, there will be a full refund, but If there is any attempt of bypassing Provider, this will be deemed as Breach of Contract and no Refund will be provided.


  1. This Agreement shall enter into force when Provider receives Funds into Bank Account.