Visa Services

Visa service is a comprehensive extra feature where Spa Company Bangkok will provide complete paperwork for Your company, collect complete paperwork from therapist and apply for Visa, Permanent residency.

Check our Visa Pricing Structure for doing visa for Thai Therapists

Visa service is “All-inclusive” service, where we will complete the whole process from A to Z for one fee only (no extra fee, no hidden charges)

As we have experience with most common countries and are aware of most common mistakes either employees or employers make, we could streamline and execute the process in very timely and efficient manner.

We would save your time


Our management, consulting, preparation fee is included in the price (If you chose the “All Inclusive Service).

However, any direct expenses at the Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other documentation would be charged after providing a valid receipt.

Budgeting Will be part of milestones. It changes from country to country and it changes constantly. As per standards, we are not responsible for any changes of