Director of Sales, Board Director (michal <at> spa-company.com)

Michal is a director of Spa Company Bangkok since 2012 and graduate from Australian and Slovakian Universities. Recruiting and opening Thai Spa was never on his focus, as he wanted to be motivational speaker or astronaut. His main aim is to bring professionalism and good working ethic in industry with lots of human resource challenges. Throughout the day, Michal is a positive and cheerful guy, who tries to bring balance between shop owners and therapists.

Michal is a semi-professional triathlete (swim-bike-run) and challenge himself on hardest courses in Europe and Asia.


Managing Director (pijika <at> spa-company.com)

Pijika is a Director at Spa Company Bangkok since 2016. She graduated from Srinakharinwirot University of Thailand; majoring in Ecotourism and Hospitality Management. She has 8.5 years experience under her belt as a flight attendant at one of the World’s Best Airline in 2016.

She is improvising on a daily basis to find the best therapist while maintaining a positive and cheerful atmosphere in the office. Her main focus is adapting her experience and knowledge to help run the company and fulfil dreams of the therapist to find a better life in Europe, Asia or the Middle East.

Pijika is reading enthusiast and skillful in Muay Thai boxing

Pijika, Director Of Operations
Dada - Office Manager


Operations Manager (manager <at>spa-company.com

Dada is very friendly and easy going person. She has been working and living in Phuket for 10 years prior to moving back to her Bangkok hometown and working in the company since 2017.  Dada has various experiences in many fields of jobs (eco-tourism, charities), but what she likes most is working with people from different backgrounds. Dada likes to work in smaller companies, where she can make an impact

Dadda is heart & soul of the company, she takes care of the recruiting process, office management and after-sales service.

Dada’s passion is part-time travelling and she takes pride in marathon running and professional photography.

Sitanan (Kowpoon)

Customer Service Executive (reception <at> spa-company.com)

Sitanan (or Kowpoon) is a graduate of Silpakorn University, where she majored in Arts. She has been recruiting and interviewing plentiful of therapists. Sitanan has 3 years experience as a reception and call centre person, however now she has chosen to work with people in real life situation and changing lives of therapist forever. She is working in the company since 2017.  Kowpoon is very hard working and diligent. She has an open-minded and flexible character and likes to help everybody who wants to go overseas. Currently, she is working with embassies to obtain visas and focusing on after-sales service

Kowpoon has a strong passion for travelling to Japan and exploring Japanese culture.

Thitiporn (Bow)

Recruiting & Hiring Executive (therapist@spa-company.com

Bow has finished Jewellery Technology at Rajamongkol University and has been operations manager at family’s Jewellery company for more than 10 years. She likes to work with people, because if we give “right job to people, we give them everything they need”. She works at company since early 2019 at position of Hiring Specialist and she is great at scouting and interviewing talent.

Her dream job is to be a flight attendant, so she can have nice uniform and travel the world.


Sales Manager (denis@spa-company.com)

Denis is ex member of Slovak national gymnastics team. He lived and worked more than 4 years in Macao as an acrobat in the biggest water show in the world.  Currently he lives in Slovakia and he has been passionate about sport, coaching.

Denis joined the company in 2021 to handle growing number of inbound clients, handle existing ones and bring new prospects.

Denis has vast interest in motorbikes, Thailand and basically all kinds of sports.