Group Director (michal <at> spa-company.com)

Michal is a director of Spa Company Bangkok since 2012 and graduate from Australian and Slovakian Universities. Recruiting and opening Thai Spa was never on his focus, as he wanted to be motivational speaker or astronaut. His main aim is to bring professionalism and good working ethic in industry with lots of human resource challenges. Throughout the day, Michal is a positive and cheerful guy, who tries to bring balance between shop owners and therapists.

Michal is a semi-professional triathlete (swim-bike-run) and challenge himself on hardest courses in Europe and Asia.


Managing Director (pijika <at> spa-company.com)

Pijika is a Director at Spa Company Bangkok since 2016. She graduated from Srinakharinwirot University of Thailand; majoring in Ecotourism and Hospitality Management. She has 8.5 years experience under her belt as a flight attendant at one of the World’s Best Airline in 2016.

She is improvising on a daily basis to find the best therapist while maintaining a positive and cheerful atmosphere in the office. Her main focus is adapting her experience and knowledge to help run the company and fulfil dreams of the therapist to find a better life in Europe, Asia or the Middle East.

Pijika is reading enthusiast and skillful in Muay Thai boxing

Pijika, Director Of Operations


Director for Thailand – Bangkok (dadda <at> spa-company.com)

Over the last seven years, Dada have been deeply involved in the world of international recruiting, becoming adept at swiftly solving problems and ensuring tasks are done right. She understanding the unique differences in people has become second nature to me, making the recruitment process smooth and effective.

Outside of work, She is an outdoor enthusiast who finds joy in the thrill of challenges. Whether it’s exploring the underwater world through scuba diving or enjoying the freedom of freediving, She loves the adrenaline rush that comes with pushing boundaries.

In both her professional and personal life, her focus is on getting things done properly for the benefit of everyone involved. Excited to bring her experience and commitment to excellence to contribute to our shared success.


Director of European Operations (denis <at> spa-company.com)

Denis is an ex-member of the Slovak national gymnastics team. He lived and worked for more than 4 years in Macao as an acrobat in the biggest water show in the world.  Currently, he lives in Slovakia and he has been passionate about sports, and coaching.

Denis joined the company in 2021 to handle the growing number of inbound clients, handle existing ones and bring new prospects and manage operations, immigration documents and clients within the EU region.

Denis has a vast interest in motorbikes, Thailand and basically all kinds of sports.

Denis NEW
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Director for Philippines (noah <at> spa-company.com)

With a decade of experience, he has mastered the art of public speaking, captivating audiences with an engaging presence and persuasive rhetoric. Known for an outgoing nature and strong problem-solving skills, he’s earned a reputation as a reliable troubleshooter in various professional circles.

Holding a degree in marketing from Bangkok University International College, he possesses a solid understanding of strategic branding and consumer behavior. Born in the Philippines and having traveled extensively for 15 years, he embraces diversity and cultural understanding, effortlessly connecting with people from all backgrounds.

In essence, his journey as a public speaker and problem solver, combined with multicultural experiences and education, enables him to make a meaningful impact wherever he goes.


Sales Director (mick <at> spa-company.com)

Mick is a Sales Director at Spa Company Bangkok since 2022, orchestrating collaborations with spa owners globally. His adept negotiating skills are dedicated to ensuring customers receive unparalleled service from Spa Company Bangkok.

Beyond his professional prowess, Mick is celebrated for his kind-hearted nature and unwavering generosity. Simultaneously, he exhibits a remarkable decisiveness, particularly in navigating challenging situations. An advocate for a healthy lifestyle, Mick finds joy in both indoor and outdoor exercises, establishing himself as the most health-conscious member among us.


Operations & Hiring Executive (nattha <at> spa-company.com)

Nuttha, or  Nutthakhitta needed to have her name shortened to avoid spelling mistakes. The incredible story of Nuttha who lived and worked in Texas, USA – where she ran a Thai restaurant. Furthermore, she lived in Bahrain where she co-owned a Thai massage shop along with her mother. She lived and studied on three different continents, including Canada and now she is enjoying working for herself and having freedom within Spa Company Bangkok. She is always positive and full of life

Nuttha is working mainly on operations, hiring & dealing with our leasing and rental clients and a 5-year investment visa for Thai therapists.


Marketing Director (tawan <at> spa-company.com)

Tawan is a Marketing Director at Spa Company Bangkok since 2023. She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism, Silpakorn University. She oversees both offline and online marketing initiatives. She is the creative force behind the captivating content gracing Spa Company Bangkok’s social media platforms and maintaining the aesthetic allure of its impressive website.

Moreover she is a freelance writer, skillfully connects with diverse individuals through her narratives, delving into unique stories. Passionate about various art forms, she extends warmth to both the art world and the well-being of stray animals, embodying a compassionate spirit that resonates globally.


Executive Assistant (spakew <at> spa-company.com)

Kew is a Executive Assistant at Spa Company Bangkok since 2023. He graduated from Bangkok University major of International Business.

His responsibilities extend to managing documents and facilitating embassy visits for therapists scheduled for appointments. Kew goes above and beyond by actively supporting his colleagues, assisting them in achieving their goals. His diligent work ethic and warm demeanor leave an indelible mark on the hearts of every team member, making him a cherished figure among masseuses.


Office Administrator (lookpat <at> spa-company.com)

Lookpat ia an Office Aministrator at Spa Company Bangkok since 2023. She graduated from Siam University. Her exposure was valuable regarding the company’s success in recruiting.

She surpasses her duties by providing online support to everyone and warmly welcoming visitors to our office with a friendly and professional demeanor. Her meticulous approach is evident in efficiently gathering the required documents for embassy submissions, showcasing her dedication to ensuring a smooth and organized process for all.

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International Recruiter (heart <at> spa-company.com)

Heart is a Therapist Recruiter at Spa Company Bangkok since 2024. He graduated from Assumption University major of Business – Chinese. He also went to study summer in China for 2 months. Furthermore, he gets a certificate of Chinese language in HSK3.

His responsibilities are recruiting a good therapist for an international massage shop and support team. Beyond that he has a good sense for seeking a nice therapist for working abroad. Checking the therapist documents to make teammate easier for working. Solve immediate problems like professional, no matter how hard it is. He tries hard to develop himself to make the organization achieve the goal.