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Philippines – House and Care Taker

Photo Credits: Annika Thielemann
อายุ18 - 18 Years
เงินเดือน601 EUR/month
อาหารProvided by Law
ค่าล่วงเวลา1.8 EUR/hr
ทิปNot applicable
ค่าคอมมิชชั่นNot applicable
ช่วงเวลาการทำงาน54 hours/week
Length3 เดือน

Job Description

Each person will be assigned a client or 2 clients which will be clearly communicated


  • Salary will be as follows
  • Year 1 – 600 EUR netto
  • Year 2- 650 EUR netto
  • Year 3 – 700 EUR netto
  • Bonuses from client (if any)
  • Accommodation is provided inside a shared house basis 2-3 people per room
  • Some expenses inside the house are payable and overuse of electricity/water
  • Transportation to work is covered
  • Flight to Slovakia is covered. 
  • 3-years contract
  • Work 6 days approx 7-8 hours, 1 full day off (Sunday), can go to many churches
  • Health and social insurance is paid and covered
  • Flight after 3 years of work back to Filipines is covered, a one-time fee closure of the company (100-200EUR is handled by the applicant)


  1. Travelling on a small business type of visa
  2. Spa Company will open and create the company
  3. Dissolving (closing) the company will cancel the visa immediately
  4. A person is allowed to change jobs after 1,5 years or find themselves their own jobs
  5. A passport and ID card is always with the therapist
  6.  A security deposit total of 900 EUR will be taken from the first 6 monthly salaries (150 monthly). The security deposit will be given back after the correct cancellation of the contract
  7. After 5 years we will help to get a permanent visa (Green Card)
  8. The total penalty for cancelling early other than for severe medical reasons is 2500 EUR

Legal Details

  1. Creation of a small company
  2. The small company will have an exclusive agreement with Spa Company Slovakia or affiliated party
  3. Closing of company cancels visa immediately



Filipino worker

working 7-9 hours 6 days a week based on schedule

Provided on a shared basisc