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งานทำเล็บ/งานนวดที่ดูไบ ประเทศอาหรับเอมิเรต ต้องการพนักงาน 5 คนไปร่วมทีมงานเดิม มีแพคเกจโดยรวมที่

Photo Credits: Andreas Kirsten
อายุ25 - 40 Years
ประสบการณ์5 Years
ประเทศUnited Arab Emirates
เงินเดือน1800 AED/month
อาหารRice provided
ค่าล่วงเวลา1.5 AED/hr
ทิปDepending on number of daily clients (average of 15AED per client)
ค่าคอมมิชชั่นGrowing percentage against growing sales. On average 5% off all services.
ช่วงเวลาการทำงาน55 hours/week
Length2 Years
ประสบการณ์ขั้นต่ำ5 ปี

We are looking for all around beauticians, highly qualified nail technicians and massage therapists. Depending on their primary qualifications, their role would be associated to the below.

  • All types of Massage Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Facial Therapy
  • Hair Treatments
  • Basic Blow dry
  • Foot Spa
  • Manicure; Cleaning, color/gel application
  • Extensive Nail Art
  • Nail Enhancement; Acrylic and Gel extensions
  • Eyelash Extensions




We are looking for all around beauticians, highly qualified nail technicians and massage therapists. The candidate must have a minimum of 5 years work experience along with appropriate academic certifications. She must have basic English language skills to be able to communicate with peers and clients. A positive attitude and willingness to learn is a must.

Sunday-Saturday 10AM to 10PM with one date off

We currently have 20 therapist and are hiring and additional 15-20 for our new branch. The new branch is due to operate around September 2017.

Commission Explained: Commission is based on how much Sales therapist makes it is very dependable upon performance. Commission rises when she makes more money for the Shop
up to 20.000 AED in sales for Shop: 3% to 75 (start at 3% than go up up to 7%)
after 20.000AED in sales for Shop: 10% commission on Sales
Average about 5% -the therapist makes anywhere between 200 - 1200 AED,

เกี่ยวกับ ลูกค้า

Our current location has pleasant/friendly costumers, mostly European and Asians. The pool is quite diversified meaning we have high end clients going for expensive services but we also have clients on the lower side spending minimal amounts on limited services. Tips are in general very good and our therapists live off their tips and not their income. Most of their income is being saved. However, it all depends on the therapist and her ability to hold on to clients and make them request her. It's a ladies' spa so all woman.

เกี่ยวกับ ร้าน

Although our trade name is Sakura Nail Spa, we have grown into a full fledge spa offering services from head to toes spread over 2500 SQFT. Our new location will be as big and will be offering the same services.


All our therapists are provided with free accommodation and transport. We currently have 2 flats, a 2 bedrooms and a studio. Depending on the room sizes, we house between 4 to 6 technicians in 1 room. Flats have wifi of course and it is located across from the spa which is very convenient as they can take their longer break times home.


As per UAE Labor and Immigration Laws.