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Beautiful studio - Saudi Arabia -Al Khobar - 1100USD + 2% increasing commission

Photo Credits: Tony
อายุ29 - 49 Years
ประสบการณ์5 Years
ประเทศSaudi Arabia
เงินเดือน1100 USD/month
Length2 สัปดาห์
ประสบการณ์ขั้นต่ำ5 ปี

Beautiful sport studio on the shore of Al Khobar is looking for spa therapist to join their team.

Owner is a kind lady who is creating family-like enviroment for her employees.

About the studio:

We are here to help women connect with their bodies and reach their full potential in a tranquil and peaceful environment. From Pilates and Yoga, to our specialized therapeutic services, Align cultivates an environment of acceptance, growth and empowerment. Its more than physical enrichment we aspire for; we also host events to allow our community to flourish with knowledge and creativity.


Studio have yoga, pilates, thai massage, therapeutic massages. There is good team of therapists looking for one more to join their team.



Salary: 1100USD netto

Commission: 2% from massage revenue for the start, will be higher later

tips: directly to therapist/ saudi women in this studio are great tippers – tips usually 10-30USD for a massage.

food: not provided

accomodation: provided – close to work place – walking distance. Big house, shared with therapists same nationality.

utilities: paid with wifi

flight ticket: every 2 years


Working time:


6days, 1 day off, 9 hours a day


This job is good for:


Professional with at least 5 years of experience, good english and friendly attitude, ready to learn something new.

Specialist in therapeutic massage/sport massage, thai massage, deep tissue